The versatile light for modern work

Highly efficient and standard-compliant office workplace lighting - with track as a flexible basis.

 Sophisticated light for high rooms

Versatile, powerful lighting technology and minimalist design - for nuanced lighting from large heights

 Powerhouse for linear aesthetics

Versatile, elegant surface-mounted luminaires with a linear profile

Table lamp providing diffused light. Frame in brass, brushed and transparent varnished or chrome steel. Blown glass opal diffuser. Dimmer on the power chord.


The Circle of Light is comprised of an outer frame made with composite that houses a metal structure. This, in turn, acts as support for the latest generation LED spotlights. 

Program of structures in recessed, surface and suspended versions. A wide range of light fixtures is housed inside it using magnetic fastening.


Whether your garden or your patio before you know it, COSTA will have turned any outdoor space into a bright sea of light.

The shimmering and circular luminaire that will bath any room in warm and welcoming light is available as a wall, ceiling, hanging, table and floor version.

The stylish luminaires by architect and designer Bernd Steinhuber will take your heart by storm. Give your imagination free rein with WIRO, WIRO DIAMOND, WIRO GLOBE or WIRO INDUSTRY.


KINU is an indirect light fixture that bends freely and delivers subtle brightness which is sufficient for outdoor landscape.

Improved function and design by handrail lighting, foot lights for stairs, and under bench lighting

Intensive brightness for powerful cove lighting, Simple design for clean minimalist applications